Thursday, December 8, 2011

{A Fancy 'Bird's Nest'}

My kiddo started collecting Audobon stuffed birds last year, adding one more thing to hoard group of things to keep organized or displayed. They ARE pretty cool....they look like the real bird, have an info tag attached with all kinds of details about it, and when you squeeze them they make the real sound of that bird. So....when you have several, it's pretty interesting to compare their looks and sounds.
Until now, they have been kind of dumped in with other stuffed animals, just for a lack of having a place to display them well. She doesn't really play with them, but would like to have them on display somewhere.
I purchased a stuffed animal net from Amazon a few months ago, thinking this would be the perfect way to display the birds...out of the a corner of her room. After searching everywhere for a net, the one I bought was actually 6 feet (!) in length, and even when I doubled it was waaaaaaaayy too big. It's now stuffed in a cabinet in the garage. :( The whole plan got put aside for a while until Thanksgiving break when I was telling my in-laws about it. I'm not sure why I never thought of this, but why not make my own 'net'?? DUH? How did this little shard of brilliance never enter my mind before this?
So today, this little display problem is finally solved, and I'm so happy with the results. I'm even happier that it was CHEAP. It is Christmas folks and the cash flow is on the down low, if you know what I'm sayin'!
Whatcha think?
This thing is actually fairly heavy, with 10-11 birds in it, so I think it would work great for any small stuffed animals in any little girl's room! Here's how you can make one!

2 yards of tulle (<$2/yard)
3M wire hooks
rubber bands

I didn't take pics of each step because honestly, it's pretty simple. I just pinched each end in my fist, about the distance I thought would work for the 'net' in the middle. I wrapped a rubber band around each end where I had pinched it, to keep it in place and hold my 'net' boundary. I did NOT cut anything off the ends until I was all finished and had it hanging up, that way I could determine exactly how wide I needed it to be and wouldn't waste the tulle. I recommend doing the same!
Once you tie 'net' boundary on either side with a rubber band, take your ribbon and really tie it to your satisfaction. I tried a bow (which I'm no good at it and I'm convinced you need a degree in to make them perfectly), but that didn't go well. I ended up knotting my ribbon on either end, with longer strands hanging down. But go for it and by all means, if you're one of the lucky ones with a PhD in tying bows, have at it!!
Here's how I ended up hanging it on my 3M hooks. I just slipped my knotted ribbon over the hook.
Does that make sense? See how I gathered some of the tulle at the top of the rubber band, and didn't pull it all the way through? Once you have it hanging up, take your scissors and trim off the extra on one side (if you need to). My corner really wasn't too wide, so I had to trim off about 6" trailing from one side. Yours could be less or more, depending on where you decide to hang it.
That's all! Isn't that simple? I seriously don't know why in the world this didn't come to me before.
{Love} easy and cheap, don't you? (Not to mention that those birds are OFF the floor now!)
Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Deanna, hi!
    Visiting from "I heart Nap Time". Really cute this bird nest. And the colors on your walls are a great match! I'm gonna follow you on my way out, as I really enjoyed myself here. Hope you drop by my place too!

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  2. Great idea! Can't wait to give it a try!

  3. So cute and practical!

  4. Thanks for the great (and easy) idea! I made one for our playroom and it looks great.

  5. Just hung this in my daughter's room the second time - note, make sure you get hooks that will hold more than 2lbs - AND make sure you follow the instructions and don't hang anything on the hooks for an hour. Oops! on instagram- hashtag shadytreediary. THANKS!!!

  6. What a great idea - an awesome alternative to the cheesy nets!!!

  7. I notice you have two colors of tulle. Did you use both colors on one net? Thanks so much!

  8. So much cuter than the store-bought nets, and love the idea of using 3M tabs instead of hooks. Thanks for the great idea - will definitely be making a few for my daughters' rooms!

  9. Did you use all 3 hooks or just the two?

  10. Just what I needed, thank you for sharing. :-)

  11. Great idea! Definitely, I will try it for my two girls bedroom. Thanks for sharing ;)

  12. Thank you! I had a similar idea but my thought wasn't complete. It was getting too complicated. Got it right now! 😍

  13. How wide was the tulle you used?

  14. HI! Can I link to this post in a round up? And use one picture? The post won't be published until April, but I would appreciate it so much :) Let me know!

  15. How wide was the tulle that was used?

    1. I know I'm not the blogger but she seems to be busy so I thought maybe I could help figure it out with you and and Aden from last September.

      As far as I know, tulle comes in widths of 6",12", and 18" on rolls and 54" and 108" bolts. I think 6" and 12" can definitely be ruled out. The 18" is about the width of the seat of a smaller size chair. That would be okay for maybe a corner hammock for one or two toys but I would go with the 54". The 108" seems like an awful lot of material to me. Take into consideration I don't work with tulle very much but when I have I made note of how easily it will roll. Still, 54" should take care of it.

  16. Thank you so much for posting this, made it like you (elastic bands included!) And they have worked perfectly in my daughters room ��

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  18. How do the kids reach the toys though?

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