Monday, April 2, 2012

{Paper Organization on the Cheap}

I saw this WONDERFUL idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and knew that it had to somehow work for me!
It was just listed on a forum at the link above, so that's the best credit I can give.
Isn't this an uber-terrific idea??!

My first thought was scrap and art paper storage for my kiddo in our office area, but it just doesn't fit into my built-ins very well. However, my preschool classroom is low on counter space, and I find myself stacking materials and getting cluttered.
I made my own, and turned it into a "Monday-Wednesday-Friday" file cabinet for my classroom.
Now I can sort prepped materials, and the best part is......FREE!!! :)
I used spray paint and scrapbook paper that I had on hand.
I started by cutting one end off of each box, then using duck tape to secure them together. I figured that paint would stick better to duck tape than packing tape. Next I sprayed them with white primer.

I then actually sprayed it with red, but it just didn't cover as well as I would have liked. I decided to go with a basic black instead, since I knew I would be embellishing it a little with scrapbook papers.
I did 2 coats of black, and if you really look, you can still see some of the original markings on the box, but it's minor. I cut scrapbook paper and printed the days on cardstock, and adhered it to one side with sticky strip. I die cut the stars as an extra.
This will really help to keep my prepped materials organized and looking better, and I didn't have to spend any moolah.
What else can you come up using these freebie boxes?

Have a good one,