Welcome to Shady Tree Diary!

I love to make stuff so I thought I would share a little bit with the great big ol' world. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of it! I started this little blog after being inspired by so many others, and it has been so much fun making new friends and sharing the things I love.
If you know me, you know that....
  • I was an elementary teacher for 7 years, a stay-at-home mom for another 7, and am currently a pre-school teacher. I love curriculum and sharing my love of lifelong learning with kiddos.
  • I'm crazy in love with my husband of 14 years. He's my best friend and the most incredible person I know.
  • I have one amazing daughter who makes my world go 'round and teaches me something new every single day.
  • In no particular order I love: DOGS, antiques, books, travel, hiking, running, school supplies, party planning, and photography. Making lists, organizing, and controlling everything  over planning makes me glow with happiness.  :)
I'm way older than I feel and I hope it stays that way.

I really appreciate you stopping by. Stay a while, leave a comment, and follow me if you like what you see!

Now go make something! :)