Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Soap Box Organizers}

We are toy-organizing crazy around here, with bins, tubs, boxes, name it. Organizing simply makes me swoooooooon! All is right with my world when things are organized.
There are always a few things though that don't seem to fit into the places you want them to go for one reason or another. 
Enter: the Plastic Travel Soap Dish
Walmart, $1 store, etc....CHEAP.
I got interested in soap boxes many years ago when I was a Kindergarten teacher. If you're a teacher, you know that the actual box that crayons come in lasts about 2 weeks in a classroom. Buckets are nice, but for small group work when everyone might need the same color for something, then the amount and/or sharing becomes a problem. So I came up with this idea way back then, so that each kiddo could grab a soap box of crayons for small groups. They take up very little space (even with 12 of them in a classroom), so it really worked well.
(16 crayons...and more will fit if you like.)
As a Mommy, you also know that crayons can be an essential part of waiting rooms, grocery stores, or the BMV. :)  I've made a Crayon Roll-Up to suit those needs for my own kiddo, but if I had 4 kids I'm not sure that would be time or cost-effective. So maybe multiple soap boxes would work well for that.
So what I've discovered is that soap boxes are COOL! Cheap and very, very effective at corraling those little things.
Our #1 use for a travel soap box at home is for playing cards:
You know how the box never stays together for very long? (Kind-of like the crayons?) Especially for games like Skip Bo, with tons of cards and a box that only the original production line can get them back into anyway. It doesn't hurt that it makes it real easy to take them along, too.  We don't have a soap box for EVERY card game, but we do use them for the big packs like Skip Bo, or those where the box just isn't working.

We also use them for small craft things, jewelry-making beads for my kiddo:
You could color coordinate for each of your kids, or for stay-home things and take-along things.
Here are a few other uses I came up with for these little life savers:
First Aid
Stickers on the go
Candies on the go (suckers, mints, etc.)
Mom's Little Lifesavers: Nail Clippers, Chapstick, Dental Floss, Band-Aids, a sucker

What other ideas can you add? I'd love to hear them. 
If it's plastic I want to store something in it, so please share!!
Thanks for dropping in!
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  1. What a GREAT idea! I have piles of card games wrapped in elastics to keep them together but I so much love to have things neatly packaged and organized. I also like this idea for the box of crayons. Thanks!

  2. Fun! I saw this on Pinterest, and now I'm featuring it (tomorrow) on Dollar Store Crafts.

  3. Love this idea! Just found you at Dollar Store Crafts and I'm adding you to my reader. Thanks for all you great ideas. Sally

  4. Hi, Deanna - I totally adore this idea!!!

  5. Fabulous idea...I am so going to use this!

    Found you via Pinterest! Thanks for sharing your brilliance ;)

  6. Genius!
    I featured this post on my blog today. Feel free to stop by and pick up a featured button!

  7. Card holder! I've been wanting card holders SOOOO much! You're a genius! Thank you!

  8. I've been using these plastic soap containers for years in a kitchen drawer to separate and organize safety pins, straight pens, tacks, paper clips, and so on. I also use them to separate different size nails and screws, and so on. It's a single mom's tool kit - lol! :)

  9. They work great for anything that's small and needs to stay sorted and organized!

  10. I've used the plastic pencil boxes for colored pencils, first aid kit in the car, snack box in my purse (keeps cracker from being crushed). I will have to try the smaller soap box for crayons, cards, etc.

  11. I used one temporarily as a camera case to my little digital camera.

  12. Coming from pinterest! Love this idea!

  13. Hello
    This is a very good idea !! thank you !!!!!!!!!
    I hope i will find this kind of box in France :p

    Merciiiii :)
    Kesiah from France

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  15. Brilliant! I've used the pencil boxes, but now I'm stocking up on the soap boxes for the myriad of card games for our RV. also going to put together craft kits for the car and RV for the grandkidlets! Might even include in their stockings at Christmas!

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  17. I found your link through another article, and this is a great idea. Also - you could do a purse-sized medical kit (band aids, aspirin tabs, stomach medicine, nail clippers, tweezers, etc.) to keep in the car or your bag. I love the idea of keeping snacks in there - definitely no more crushed crackers for us! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

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