Friday, April 22, 2011

{Easter Project for Kiddos}

I know it's soooo close now, but you can probably still squeeze a few of these out to hang in your own home or send to grandparents! Just use what you have around and it's so simple but cute! I deliberately used my flash so you could see the "whiskers"!
2 paper plates (we doubled ours)
cotton balls
photo of your kiddo
fishing line
scrap of black or pink paper for a nose
paper for the ears

We glued 2 plates together for stiffness, then cut out a large photo of my kiddo in a circle to match the plate.
We circle punched a nose, and trimmed some short pieces of fishing line to be the whiskers. Try to make your paper nose cover the whole nose in the photo. Glue those on, then start gluing your cotton balls all around the edge of your paper plate. (You could also use colored pom poms.) Cut out 2 ears and color their centers, then glue them on from the back. You can add a cotton ball to the back for a tail if you want, but we didn't.

We mailed these to grandparents, and I kept one for myself.
I love kid crafts that are TOTALLY kid-made! They're the best to give and receive.

Happy Easter!!!
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