Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{A Little Bit of Easter}

Things have been so busy around here and I've had to put my blog on the back burner for a week or so. My creative juices are always flowin' though, and I've been busy,busy,busy working on our Disney scrapbook from our December vacation and trying to make a few new-to-me Easter projects I found in blogland. 

With Easter just a hop away, here are a few of our decorations around the house. A couple of them are new ideas that I've just made in the last couple of weeks. (See? I have been doing something!!)

I found this easy and fun tutorial for Polka Dot Bunnies and it's adorable! I've had a chance to make only one so far, but I plan to make at least one more before Easter gets here. I used scraps...the best part.

I also love these Burlap Bunnies. Another quick and cute idea made with scraps and things on hand. I filled mine with beans, and tore scrap fabric to make the ties. I "pinked" my ears using a makeup sponge and a pink ink pad.

Our cheap Easter tree, which I honestly like better than any I could have purchased. My daughter's painted bunny comes out as an Easter deco as well!

I looooooove these! These little Bunny Sachets are just about the cutest things!! I filled mine with poly-fill, and only made the larger of the two. Scraps again of course...I love the denim from my old jeans for these. I would love to make a full row of these to display for next year!
We have more plastic eggs than any one family should have. It's ridiculous! So this year we used some for our Easter tree, and tossed some into our $1 store hurricanes for bathroom decor. Simple and springy.
 $1 Store egg stakes turned Easter decos for my beloved plant.

And I'm not sure why it's LAST on my list, because it's part of one of the most important things in our home...BOOKS!! Outside of the masses of overflowing bookshelves at our house, we keep this basket around just for seasonal books. Right now it's chock full of anything and everything "Spring"...including Easter & Earth Day coming up. We like switching it out as the seasons or holidays require. Here are a few of the books we have in our basket right now:
The Lorax -Dr. Seuss
The Great Kapok Tree - Lynne Cherry
Tops & Bottoms - Janet Stevens
The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Beatrix Potter
The Velveteen Rabbit - Margery Williams
The Butterfly - Anna Milbourne & Cathy Shimmen
The Little Lamb - Phoebe Dunn
The Little Kitten - Phoebe Dunn
Hedgie's Surprise - Jan Brett
Fluffy & Baron - Laura Rankin
The Icky Bug Alphabet Book - Jerry Pallotta
The Grouchy Ladybug - Eric Carle
Hope you enjoyed the little bit of Easter and Spring I attempted to bring indoors. 
Off to make more Polka Dot Bunnies!

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