Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Scallop Square Pillows & Coasters}

I promised to share more projects using a die-cut and fabric, so here are a few SUPER quick and fun projects!
Both are using the Sizzix Scallop Square Die from Stampin' Up, but any scallop square die would work fine. Both Sizzix and Cuttlebug machines will cut through nearly anything! I almost always layer 5-6 pieces of fabric over the die and cut them all at once. The fabric for this pillow is one of the only exceptions, because it's so thick.
The Scallop Square Quilt Pillow
You might recognize this fabric from one of my Impromptu Dog Beds . :) Yep. I originally bought a ton of it on sale for a baby blanket that never happened. (Ahem. Different story for a different day.) This fabric is uber-soft, and the color matches my daughter's bedding perfectly, so I threw together a very quick pillow using my scallop square die. I cut 18 squares, then sewed them together in (2) 9- square sides. Then I sewed almost all the way closed, stuffed it, and closed it up with the machine. Snip all the scallop edges with scissors and wash it, and it gets "raggy" on those edges. (I added the "X" stitching to this one just to make it look more quilted. There was actually no real purpose for the "X" stitch however.)

Even easier...coasters using your die! 
For these you need to add batting or fusible fleece between 2 scallop-cut pieces. I used scraps for these, but they are even better with heavier fabric...even upholstery fabric is nice for these. 

 Take 2 scallop squares and sandwich a piece of batting between them. Sew around all four sides about 1/4" inch or so, snip the scallops, and wash to rag them out. OR...you can add an "X" across the middle of each coaster for a more quilted look. I tied these up with raffia and added them to Christmas gifts last year. GREAT project to get rid of scraps, because both sides don't even have to be the same.

If I had to measure squares for these projects it would NEVER happen, let me tell you. The die makes it so easy, and therefore even more fun. ;) 
Take care!
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