Sunday, February 20, 2011

{Impromptu Dog Beds!}

Out of nowhere I whipped up these doggy beds this afternoon and they are already getting some serious sleep time! My sweet JRT's, Riff & Shelby, are by my side constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY). That means that I always have 2 buddies sleeping around my feet when I'm in my craft room working on something. The last few months, they have both taken a liking to sleeping on anything that's fleece. So a month or so ago I purchased a 2 pack of those super-cheap thin fleece blankets at Wal-Mart for about $3. I specifically bought them in chocolate brown so they would blend in with my living room decor. One is there and the other I cut in half and had thrown in my craft room. That means it's been first come-first serve on the fleece in there.

This morning Riff was left out and looking for something soft to lie on. I remembered a large section of super soft material that I bought once with the intention of making a baby blanket for a friend. That never happened and never will, so I threw it on the floor. He fell in love so I decided to turn that and the brown Wal-Mart fleece into beds for them...just for the craft room. :) (Any other time they are snuggled up beside you on the couch.)

I just folded them in half, stitched around 3 sides, then lightly stuffed with poly-fil before closing them up. Neither fabric needs to have a finished edge, so it was super quick.

They both like to dig around and make their blankets "just right", so the uneven poly-fil works perfectly. These cost next to nothing and no one gets left out of a soft place to sleep now in my craft room. :) Strangely, they even inadvertently almost match!

I like how easy they were and how happy my puppers are! 

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  1. so cute. my pups follow me everywhere too. my golden tries to get in my lap while I'm sewing. doesn't work too well!


  2. I have the same idea. I am just throwing some old towels or clothes inside instead of polyfil. Then they can romp around all they want and I recycled!! LOL Great Minds think alike!!

    ~ Nikki
    p.s. come post it over on my blog tute'n tuesday

  3. Love these, maybe our "Panda Bear" woudl stay off our bed!! Thanks for sharing

  4. What a creative blog you have!! Thanks for leaving a comment on mine. :) I'm following you back! Rebecca

  5. Love this idea!!! So much so we featured it in the Fancy This Fridays feature post today! Hope you'll check it out and grab a button! :)

  6. Easy! Love it! You can easily spend upwards of $50 for a dog bed that size in the store.
    Thanks for sharing!


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