Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Recycled Valentines}

I've made a TON of treat bag Valentines over the years, but there's nothing like the ones in a tub, jar, or container of some kind. There's just something about using a container that gives it a really finished look. You can spend $$ on cute containers, and by all means, have at it! But I've found that I can get the best containers right out of my recycling baskets.

These are Ragu spaghetti sauce jars. After washing the jar and lid, I used Goo Gone to remove the sticky label, soaking and scraping with my trusty Pampered Chef pan scraper about 3 times. Then I primed and painted the lids red. The date on top still wouldn't cover completely, but I knew I'd be covering that anyway. Sorry I don't have before pics. They turned out super cute, and will be a Valentine treat for my daughter's teachers.

My hubby has to use Visine eye wash wipes religiously, so I have a stash of leftover containers. I use them for storage, but never for treats, and now I'm wondering why? They were perfect and no prep at all!
The labels all the way around and on top, and are REALLY stuck down tight. But honestly I knew I would be covering them up so I didn't even bother to work on removing them. I'm sure it would come off with Goo Gone, so go for it if you must. :) I just measured my belly band to make sure it would cover the label. Loving this one, too! I'm envisioning Halloween treats in these...maybe spray painted orange or black? Hmmmmmm...

Now I may have to make one for the paper carrier, the mailman, my hairdresser.... :)

Enjoy. And go through your recycling. It's full of cute potential, I guarantee it!

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  1. I thought I was the only one who saves every container that heads for the trash! I'm such a grandma, I swear! I love your ideas!



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