Saturday, February 5, 2011

{Valentine's Countdown Clipboard}

My kiddo has been begging me to put up a Valentine's Countdown this year! I didn't see a printable that I liked, and I didn't really want to do a treat thing with it (although those are so cute!). We'll be doing a scavenger hunt for her to actually FIND her Valentine this year, so I wanted the countdown to be just that...numbers.
So since I love Mod Podge, and I could make clipboards all day with it, I decided to go with a cute and basic clipboard countdown. It's easy!

Mod Podge and foam brush
heavier patterned paper
ink (optional)
scrap ribbon
sticky strip or other strong adhesive
Start by cutting down your paper to ABOUT the size of your clipboard. You could also cut it smaller, leaving the clipboard as the framing around the paper. Apply mod podge generously directly onto the clipboard.

REALLY press your paper down, smoothing from the middle outward. If you have a brayer, this helps, but you don't need one. Just KEEP RUBBING OUTWARD. Then wait a couple of minutes and rub AGAIN. I have had bubbling once or twice, but only when the paper I was using was really thin -OR- if I didn't press it really, really well.
When you think you're done, rub it out one more time! :)  Trim any long edges, then take a sanding block and sand all around the edges. (You can skip this step if you make your paper smaller than the clipboard.) Distress the edges when you're done sanding.
Now apply mod podge again, even sealing over the edges, too.
Set it aside to dry, and print off your numbers on cardstock. Also print a final day sign and "...days 'til Valentines" for the bottom of your board. Trim to desired size and distress the edges if you want. (I have to distress edges. It's a sickness.)

Once it's all dry, add your strip to the bottom with a strong adhesive. I used sticky strip from Walmart.
I stuck my last day sign to some coordinating cardstock, but the rest of my numbers were on white. Clip them on in order, then tie scrap ribbon around the edges of your top clip for the cuteness factor. There you have it! Put this in a tabletop easel or hang.
Whatcha think? If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!! :) The hardest part of this was deciding how big I wanted my numbers to be. I had a brain lapse when I started it, but that might have been because it was 1AM...., ya think?

This would be cute for a vacation countdown, or other special event, too. (I'm seeing Disney paper on the clipboard and countdown numbers 'til vacation??) 
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  1. I love your clipboard countdown, and also love that it isn't filled with sugary treats that my kids don't really need. I too think it would be awesome for a vacation countdown. Thanks for sharing.
    Dannyelle at


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