Friday, February 11, 2011

{My Craft Room - Part 1: Decorating}

I've been working on jazzing up my craft room and the inspiration for it was this sewing machine cover. I have a hard case for my machine, but that's really best for longer term storage. I use mine so frequently that I want it out all the time but also don't want it covered in dust when I'm not using it.
I wish I could tell you where I got the tutorial for this, but I honestly took different parts from different sites. You can google 'sewing machine cozy' and get tons of great tutorials though. This took me about an hour or so to make, using fabric I had on hand.  I made several bags a while back with this fabric and loved it, so I quickly decided it would be a great color scheme for my craft space!

I made my cozy so that it would cover the machine with a spool still on top. I love how it turned out. I added the felt flower and button center as an afterthought...and then my brain kept going. :)

Why not make some valances, too?  :) I did have to purchase more fabric for that, but it was worth it.
I added the fabric flowers, totally free hand cut, about 3 to a valance. I like it that they aren't uniform. :) I deliberately cut cream-colored circles free hand.
Then I found an unused frame that I have and love (it's square, so unless it's matted, I don't have a photo to fit in it).  What can I do with this? Using inspiration from a number of online sources, and coordinating fabric I had on hand, I turned it into a wipe-off project noteboard to hang above my longest craft table. No more sticky notes everywhere!
I had to add a little felt flower to that, too, of course. I cut that one out with my Cuttlebug and small scallop dies. Oh if only my crafty "wanna make" list was really this short!
More craft room stuff to come. How do you decorate in your own craft space?
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  1. Enjoyed looking at your cute craft room. Linked here from Pinterest, but now I can't remember what picture actually brought me here! LOL! Great blog background, too! Have a nice day.


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