Saturday, February 19, 2011


Not much happening with my crafty side this week. I'm home with my sick kiddo, staring at my Lowe's supply list on the kitchen table, wishing I could get out to purchase all of it! Sick kid actually means tons of free time while I'm just "on call" for necessities, but right now I'm lacking a few supplies to start on some of my projects.  I did semi start scrapbooking the first page of our recent trip to Disney World, but somehow I'm out of 12x12 kraft paper, too, and that's what I need to finish this page. Sounds about right!

So with nothing getting accomplished this week and a long list of projects brewing in my head, I'll leave you with this sneak peek. I have some great plans for this old drawer we found in the garage. I'm just itching to get it started. I wish I could teleport to Lowe's! :)
Have a good one,

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