Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Craft Room-Part 2: Organizing}

If there's one thing about being a crafter, you definitely have to have at least a LITTLE bit of organization! I could spend my day happily organizing anything that's put in front of me, so it's actually a joy to take on.
Since moving in less than a year ago, I've purged some things and done some re-organizing for the better. Here are some things that really work for me!
Tool Storage
 Not all of my tools are here, but a lot of the ones I use frequently are. Punches, thread, scissors, etc. The rails are from Ikea. I love it that I can see all of my punches!
Like Items Together:

  I use ice cream buckets for  A LOT of stuff around the house, and they work great for my el-cheapo foam alphabets that I use ALL THE TIME. I cut out the front label when I buy them and seal that to my ice cream buckets with packing tape. So easy to find the font I want, and I don't have to have every.single.stamp (!) lined up in a small package to put them away! 
I recently upgraded these show boxes from cardboard to cuteness with 12x12 paper and brown spray paint I had in the garage. It was on one of my days when I was coordinating, as you can tell. They match my color scheme. :)

They're perfect and free!
Paper Storage:
I have several 12x12 drawers, and a file box for my 8.5x11 papers. Labels, labels, labels!! I use clear 12x12 folders from the Target $1 spot for projects. This one though holds Disney papers only.

  Project Organization:
I have a Pampered Chef pan lid organizer that I got free at a party once. It sat in my cabinets under utilized forever until one day I found a great use for it. Holding my project folders!
I keep my Cuttlebug plates in the front, sticker folders, and any specific project folders in there as well. Also really big chipboard pieces I save.
I've got small cases with really small pieces in them as well, but I've found my jars to be great for things I use often because I can SEE them. (Things that don't get seen, usually don't get used!)
The previous owners left a ton of canning jars in the garage, so I put several of them to use on a shelf above my long table.

  Stop back by for some "completed" pics and see it all pulled together.

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  1. My craft supplies are in desperate need of some organizing help. I love those rails. I think I need to go to ikea... :) Thanks for some ideas!

  2. Wow you did an amazing job! Will you come and do mine? ha ha. I'm a brand new follower :)

  3. You did a great job organizing. I just did a similar organization after the new year. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and follow me back at Thanks so much. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

  4. I really like that you have your thread on the wall. Thanks for the idea. Mine is always falling off the shelf! I found you on Made By You Mondays and am now following you.



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