Saturday, February 16, 2013

Old Postcard in a Frame

As I was going through a few boxes in my attic (and let me tell you there are sooooooo many to go through!) I came across this old postcard that I bought at an antique store several years ago.
 I remember there were boxes of old postcards there and I thought they were so intimate. Each had been written to someone along the road of life, and I remember thinking that it seemed so intimate to be able to read someone else's mail. Like I shouldn't be getting this little glimpse into the life and friendships of another. This particular card was among the first few I glanced at, and I so identified with the saying that I bought it. Isn't it the truth? I have found as I have gotten older that my quantity of friends may be increasing, but my true friends remain the same. The cherished ones. The reliable ones. And no matter how many friends you have on Facebook, or Twitter, or on your block, those  true friends are always the same few. The saying strikes me even more than it did 15 years ago when I purchased this card. 
My intention was to frame it for my home.
I wonder how old Mrs. Teague was when she received this postcard? can see how long it took me to put my original intentions for this card into action, but the day is finally here. :)
I gathered an unused frame (one of my favorites ever!), some pretty patterned scrapbook paper, adhesive, and cardstock.
This picture alone foreshadows how simple this was, but I love that this little quote (and a tiny piece of Mrs. Teague) are now sitting on a side table upstairs.
I matted the cardstock base with the scrapbook paper, then added the postcard on top. I used basic Tombow Snail adhesive.
Slip it into the frame and you have a little bit of old mixed with a little bit of favorite combination.

Take a glance through the old postcards the next time you're antiquing. You never know what you might find that will touch your heart!

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