Sunday, April 10, 2011

{A Sprinkle of Pixie Dust}

My precious kiddo is in full fairy mode with her imagination lately.  We were playing 'fairies' yesterday...along the lines of pretending we were sisters that were trying to catch fairies in our backyard. :) Of course we CAUGHT one with our fairy house made of blocks, but when we brought her inside we had to make a bed for her.
As a mom and a teacher, I love it when those imaginative juices start flowin'!
If you've got a little person in your life who loves fairies, you gotta make one of these!

(Tink is our fairy of choice at the moment.)
So fun and so easy. Literally 5 minutes and you're off again...playing 'fairies'. :)

lightweight cardboard out of your recycling (a food box)
scrap square of fabric (or a leaf - mine wanted a real blanket)
scotch tape
little pom poms (or anything else you think would make a good fairy pillow!)
scoring tool (unless you can fold better than I can)

I started with a piece of a Wheat Thins box, measuring about 5 1/2" x 4". Whatever size you want and I only measured afterward to give you an idea. It was just a guess and we started cutting!

Score your square on all sides at ABOUT 1/2". Again, didn't measure. This was an on-the-fly-we're-still-playing deal, but it was around 1/2". I darkened my score lines with a pencil so you can see better.
Snip just up to where the corner score lines meet on the long sides of the square, and fold everything inward, like this:
Fold those little flaps on the ends into the long side flap and wrap scotch tape around it to secure. Now you have a bed.
Add whatever you think would work as a pillow. My kiddo chose these little poms. We used a dot of Elmer's on each just to keep them in one place. I cut out a little rectangle of scrap fleece for a blanket. You could use a leaf, too...I hear that's more like the REAL fairies. :)
There you have it! Your very own authentic fairy bed! You know they are always making furniture, etc. out of our trash, so this is perfect. ;) 
Tink seems to be very cozy in there!
Now go play fairies, and see what other cool things you can make together!
Have fun!
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