Saturday, April 2, 2011

{Little Man Onesies}

I know these are all over the internet, but these were a first for me and were so fun to make!
My baby sister is having her first baby, a little boy, in early July, so it was the perfect time for me to try some of these. I bought 3 onesies in 3mth, 6mth, and 9mth. I'm picturing him wearing these to church with some little dress shorts or pants. So cute!
I got my how-to over at Crap I've Made , where there's a very easy to follow tutorial. I'd never used Wonder Under before and it was so easy I feel like making lots of things with it, LOL! These took such little time, and so little fabric (you really can use scraps). Big reward for very little work.
I can't wait to give them to my sister!

I picked up this quarter because it reminded me of a 70's look. :)
I'm thinking of what cute holiday-type t-shirts I could make for my daughter now. Stay tuned!

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