Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Our "Things To Do" Organizer}

I know I'm not the only one who has a million little brochures and info packets on the cool things to do in your local area. Ours used to be stuffed in a drawer, which drove my organized little brain CRAZY. Then I put them in a folder (better but not great). Then we moved and I'm finally getting around to putting these things in a better state of affairs! There's so much to do where we live, and we're always accessing the information, so this has been really handy for us. I keep it in a drawer by my "command station". :)

Binders are too thick for the drawer, so I use a spiral bound heavy-duty folder with multiple pockets and a stretchy closure. I like the stretchy closure because it really keeps things tucked inside nicely, so if we want to grab it and go we don't have to worry about losing anything.

Our categories are:
Coupons & Food (for restaurant/pizza coupons, not groceries)
State Parks (there are lots of state areas around us and we love to hike!)
 Our City
The Next Closest Big City
Other Fun Stuff

I just printed out labels for each pocket, which are easy to peel off if we decide to change or add something.
It all turns out to be pretty thin, and with the stretchy closure, very compact.

This really works well for us! It's amazing how something so simple can keep you organized and make your next outing so much easier.
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  1. Where can I Get the things to do organizer? I've been looking for about a week now and have not had any luck. Thank you -Sabrina


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