Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Co-Worker Gifts....Early!

Hello friends! I'm still here! :)  This has been the fastest summer of my entire existence...I swear. I don't know where it has gone, but school starts in just 3 weeks for my kiddo and 4 weeks for me. I am already feeling sad!! Many mommas are ready for the routine and truth be told, just ready for their kids to go back to school...but not this one! Yes...I need breaks, yes...we get tired of each other throughout the summer..., and yes...our days aren't always perfect. BUT. I still would rather us be home together than anywhere else. Call me weird, but that's hows I sees it! :) 

I have projects in my mind, yet they don't seem to be materializing these days. Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's just our busy summer schedule, but I'm a little bummed that a few of those haven't come to fruition. But...I did get this little task completed. One that I will thank myself for throughout the school year when I'm crazy busy and don't have the extra time for things I could have prepared over the summer!

Do you remember the little birthday gift exchange we do for the teachers and staff at my preschool? Well, to catch you up, each person contributes some small item(s) around $2-$3 to a birthday bag for each staff member each month. This might sound cheapy to some, but it's right up my alley! You would be surprised how many cute little things you get in your birthday bag, and always things you wouldn't have picked up for yourself. I loved opening my birthday bag last year. We have a monthly birthday lunch to celebrate, and open the bags during that time. Last year I made Notecard Gift Sets and  Lovely Chipboard Bookmarks, and they were so well-received. I made those throughout the year though, and also picked up things along the way (store bought). For this year, I'm trying to get ahead of the game!
I picked up several sets of pens and hardback mini-journals from the $1 Spot at Target, and tied them up with a scrap ribbon.
Then I spotted some super cute decorative pens with coordinating kleenex packets and compact mirrors at Michaels. Score! I picked up several to make little sets of two. I used one of my handy pretty punches to make the tags, stamped a sentiment, and distressed the edges a bit. Let me just say: If you do not have a die cut machine, e-cutter, or something similar, don't fret! Picking up a couple of tag-like punches can REALLY make your life easier for little gifts for friends, co-workers, and teachers.
These happen to be from Stampin' Up, but you can find cute stamps on the $1 rack almost anywhere, and punches for $10-$12.
I tied them up with colored raffia that I was obligated to buy from a school fundraiser last year. I hate those things, but it actually came in handy this time!

So cute!

They all fit into my bliss of cute, cheap, and it's good!
I did we live without the $1 Spot??
Have a good one,

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