Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Little Red Riding Hood Cloak}

My sweet girl and I were at Joann's this week when we came across this lovely (and sparkly - very important when you're almost 7) fabric to make a Little Red Riding Hood cloak. We recently saw the "Little Red Riding Hood" children's opera in our city, and being the little thespian and musician she is, she fell in love with it. She's been begging me to make her a cloak since then, and I was able to whip this up pretty quickly lastnight. 
I'm proud of how it turned out! 
I used the Musketeer Cape as a guide, and essentially altered it buy eliminating the velcro tabs at the top and making it longer. Then I free-handed a hood pattern and cut out 2 of them. She was in bed at the time, so I was pleased that my guess turned out just right! I made the ties and just sewed them inside. This was really an easy project and took maybe an hour and a half or so to complete. I love how it turned out! She's wanting to put on the show this weekend at home, so now she's all set. Daddy will be the wolf, and I get to play dual roles...the Grandma and the Mom!

Enjoy your weekend!
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