Saturday, May 21, 2011

{Our 'Pick A Spot' Jar: Summer Reading Fun}

I don't know about you, but we're looking forward to summer freedom from school! We're counting down the days, although we continue learning throughout the summer. We have lots of activities planned, and a few fun learning units, but I'll save those for another day. This week we put together a little activity that puts a fun twist on summer reading. My daughter happens to be in loooooove with books, and always has her nose in one, but it's still fun to mix it up a little. If you have a reluctant reader, this might be a wacky way to motivate them just a little more!  Just shake, reach in, and pick an interesting and wacky place to read!
craft sticks
plastic container from your recycling bin (ours is a Crystal Light container)
decor - paper, stickers, etc.
your imagination

First we brainstormed several unique places that would be fun to read in, as well as a few old standards.
Then my kiddo wrote them out on craft sticks, and we added them to our Crystal Light container.

 She decorated the container and voila! Now when she grabs a book, she can grab the "Pick a Spot" jar, too. It just adds an extra element of fun and imagination. And...if you think of new spots, it's easy to add a new craft stick.
Wouldn't this be a great little thing to have at Grandma's house? :)
Enjoy snuggling up with your kiddo and a good book!
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  1. This is such a cute idea! We could have lots of fun with this! I stopped by from The Sundae Scoop, I've posted a project there too!
    Hugs, antonella :-)


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