Friday, August 12, 2011

{Teacher Gift: First Day of First Grade!}

My baby is heading off to first grade in just a few days, and to say I'm beside myself is putting it lightly. I've been home for 7 years, centering my world around her, and it seems unreal that she is suddenly going to be in someone else's care for the entire day, every day. I was a teacher for several years, I always held myself to the highest standards in educating my students, but a seems absolutely ludicrous that we put all this energy, thought, and time into giving our kiddos the very best start in the early years..........all to just send them away, essentially with strangers, masses of influences that I have not pre-screened, and the stresses of a standardized education. Ugh. I know there are others who feel my pain. 

But on a positive note, we have an absolutely wonderful teacher this year, which is a relief to my heart needless to say. Her classroom reminds me of my own, and for that I'm grateful. Engaging, positive, and brain compatible. So we're going to soak up that joy this year and I know that my kiddo will grow in all aspects as a result.
So I wanted to share the "little something" I made for her teacher for the first day of school. Inexpensive, very simple, and a positive gesture. There are tons of super cute back-to-school ideas out there in blogland, that's for sure, but here's what we did!

You need:
a plastic container from your recycling bin (mine is a Hillshire Farms deli turkey tub)
scrapbook paper or card stock
supplies to fill your tub

Here's what we chose to give Mrs. B:
hand sanitizer, rubber bands, band-aids (kid-friendly of course), Chapstick, candy, sticky note pads, hand lotion, & Crystal Light To-Go lemonade packets

First you need to trace the inside of your lid. It took me a few tries to get it just right. I used heavier scrapbook paper. I considered using mod podge to adhere it to the lid, but honestly, it's recessed into the lid a bit and I just didn't see the need. I used Sticky Strip instead. Then embellish any way you want! I printed the sentiment on cardstock and distressed the edges, then die cut the scallop with my Nesties. (I used smiley monster for my font).
I added a small note card that we put on the inside.

Really cute and simple I think! 

I'm taking Kleenex donations for the first day of school (for ME, of course!). I just have to make it out the door without tears, then I plan to cry the entire day! (Us Mama's are like that, aren't we?)
For those of you in a milestone year, how will you be coping on the first day of school?

Have a good one, regardless!

The Shabby Nest

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  1. this is a fabulous idea. I teared up FOR you reading about sending your daughter to school, and thinking about the day I'll send mine. :(

    Found you at For the Kids Fridays


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