Monday, August 29, 2011

{Sorting Paper Scraps}

As a stamper and scrapbook gal, I struggled for years with the best system for maintaining (while still using) my paper scraps. I looked for ideas everywhere, but really nothing I tried seemed to actually work for ME. I found that I saved them, but then never used them. A friend of mine once suggested just using ziploc bags, and as rudimentary as it sounds, I actually did that for a while. I tell you this because the ziploc bags then inspired me to step up a bit. I started doing this several years ago and it has been perfect for me!

I purchased this scrapbook paper organizer at Walmart a few years ago for $4.95. It's about 15" x 15" or so.
It came with little file tabs. I sorted my scraps into color groups, then...(and prepare yourself here)...
I went VERY high tech and took a permanent marker to some return address labels.
Can you tell how academic, precise, and creative this method was? ;)
These are sort-of the color groups I chose, although I actually ended up changing a few. Black, brown, and grey each have their own file, and there's one just for neutrals (tans, creams, and whites).
Then I took 10 seconds to painstakingly adhered my labels to the file tabs.
It created the perfect place for paper scraps of ALL sizes.

It sits below my table, to my right, within arm's reach. I go to it ALL the time to pull scraps. It's really never snapped shut, and I find that I actually USE my scraps with this system. It's been working for me for several years now....which is good, since it took me so long to put together. :)

Hope this helps you get your own paper scraps organized. Best $4.95 I've spent for my craft room!
Have a wonderful day!
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