Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Rainy Day Craft Box for Kids}

I'm fortunate to have a craft room with more than enough space in it for me (it doubles as a spare room, which is rarely used for company). It hasn't always been that way, but the last 3-4 years I've had that luxury and I love it! One thing that I still feel could be better organized though are the craft items for my daughter. Supplies, materials, and items that I wouldn't use for my own crafting but are better suited for hers.
When she was little, I had very little space for that type of thing. I don't have a photo, but I used a door shoe organizer. It was perfect to keep things handy for her, and no one knew about it. ;) Once I got a room of my own, I sorted her craft items into small totes that would fit onto my shelves. I labeled each of them, because they are filled with miscellaneous supplies. 
We go to them when needed, and otherwise they are neatly stored out of the way.
Lately though I realized that things were getting a bit messy in this area.
Apparently this age group (7-8 yr olds) receive little craft kits for every birthday or holiday. It seems to be the norm, and what ends up happening is we stuff them in with our craft supplies and they get forgotten.
 These are just a few of the little kits she has, that we inevitably NEVER get to because they just haven't been very visible or accessible.
We sorted them out, found an unused plastic container, (a file box we already had), and made a label for it.
  The file box actually works really well because it fits nicely on a shelf in her closet. On those days when she isn't sure what to do next, she can easily SEE it now and has the choice to pick one of her craft kits to fill her time.
Super simple way to keep these kits at the ready. (And hopefully get them finished!)
Anything to keep kid stuff organized and easier for them to get to independently is always a good thing!
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