Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{Our First Container Garden!}

I'm just a bit too excited about growing food for the very first time, but I can't help it! My daughter has been begging me to grow tomatoes, and I love her enthusiasm. Keep in mind, she does not like tomatoes :), but she is determined that we will grow them and make homemade tomato soup (which she also doesn't like). I'm not sure there will be any soup made, but we ARE growing tomatoes and it's such a wonderful feeling I can't believe I've been missing out on it all these years!

Cherry Tomatoes
 I was initially motivated strictly by the learning opportunity that growing would provide, but now...it's just fun. (Yes, I'm giddy!)  I was super nervous though, and with other outside projects planned, I didn't want to section off a part of our land this year. We also have lots and lots of critters coming through our yard all the time...you name it, we see it. Even coyotes. I didn't want them to all be eaten for our first attempt. So...I opted for tomato plants with the magical words "Great for Containers!"  We bought 4 plants at Lowes, potted them, and they are sitting on our deck growing so very happily. I love looking at them! One is a cherry tomato plant, the rest are medium tomatoes.
To keep my kiddo involved and feed her passion for science, I came up with a recording sheet that she can use weekly. You can download it  here: Tomato Growth Recording Sheet  and change dates, number of plants, etc., to fit your own garden plan.

I've already got a garden plan for next year running through my mind!
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