Saturday, June 4, 2011

{Weekly Summer Wipe-Off Planner}

Only 2 more days 'til school's out!!! YIPPEE!!! Do you loooove having your kiddo(s) home for the summer as much as I do???! I know it will be over only too fast, so we have a million fun things planned and I'm going to savor each moment. My baby goes to first grade next year, which means she will be in school ALL DAY for the very first time. (sniff, sniff)
Crying aside, because I'm a teacher and I live for learning every day, I try to create a light but somewhat structured learning plan for the summer. It's important to keep those little brains-a-workin'. One way I plan to stay on track this summer is by sticking to a schedule of completing ONE "smarty" activity every day. These are always simple, since this IS summer, but nevertheless they are there. We have a fun "theme" for each day:
 Math Monday  
Terrific Tuesday   
Wacky or Water Wednesday (a guaranteed pool day!)  
Thinking Thursday
Funky Friday

The goal for me is to stick to my one-a-day learning, reinforcement, review...whatever it might be. Mostly these are short 15 min.-ish activities (for my soon-to-be 7 yr old). Telling time, addition and subtraction facts, journaling 3x/week, map work, and loads of reading (which we don't have to work in because she's always got her nose in a book anyway). If your kiddo is resistant to reading, check out this fun idea.

Okay...I'm getting long-winded here! To stay on track and keep stick-it notes off of every surface in my kitchen, I grabbed an unused frame that's been patiently waiting in the wings.I stuck in a super-simple grid I made up in Word.
I printed it on creamy cardstock, plopped it in the frame, and added some sticky velcro to the frame and the pen to create a cute wipe-off board. It's just enough room for me to write ONE learning reminder for the day, but it will really help me to stay on track. I need a note for everything, and I didn't want learning activities to get mixed up in my regular everyday to-do's. This keeps them separate, clear, and my kiddo can read them and stay updated, too. It's only made for 5 days, and I liked the extra room for notes or other reminders about things we've worked on.
You can download the 5-Day Planner here . I used "Freeze" for my original font from Free Scrapbook Fonts
but no matter what I try I can't them to transfer to Scribd that way. Sorry! So the font is plain, but once you download it you could change it any way you like.  If I figure out the problem, I'll try to correct it...or if a techie can help, that would be great, too! :)

Only 2 more days....I can't wait!
Take care,

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