Monday, September 26, 2011

{Twine Candy Corn Pennant Wreath}

That seems like a lot of buzz words in the title, no?! LOL
We put up our Halloween decorations over the weekend and I've been adding to them like crazy. Did I mention this is my VERY favorite time of year??!! I'm so nuts about Halloween!
I made a few simple twine wreaths last year, and didn't add any embellishment except a ribbon for hanging.
I don't have a before pic of them, but I found the tutorial over at Brown Paper Packages.

After making some Candy Corn Bunting , I saw my scraps lying on the sewing table and the empty twine wreath and I knew I needed to do something else 'candy corn' with them!
I think it turned out cute and was no-sew, too!
If you want to make the wreath, you need a foam circle and I used jute twine. You can see the easy tutorial over at Brown Paper Packages. Once you've made your wreath, you're ready to go!
I started with this:
Some strips of leftovers and an empty wreath.
First I sewed my strips together in a candy corn pattern, just like with the candy corn bunting, only much smaller.
Then I made myself a small penant template out of old file folder, traced it onto my candy corn fabric, and cut out a few.
They are tiny!  :) Too tiny to sew, and I wanted this to look a bit 'rough', so it works out perfectly.
Next I used Liquid Stitch to adhere my candy corn pennants to a length of hemp cord.
My wreath is a smaller one, so 3 pennants was plenty.
Then I wrapped the ends of the hemp cord around my wreath, and secured them with Liquid Stitch. I angled the whole cord a bit. I added a last strip of leftover fabric (already cut to size as is) to use as my hanging ribbon. Again with the rough edges that I love. :)
And there you have it. It looks great hanging inside my front door, and I got to use scraps! Score!
Funny thing is that I don't even really like to eat candy corn...I just like looking at it. ;)

Have a wonderful day!

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