Saturday, November 5, 2011

{Felt Leaf Garland}

I have only a couple of weeks of Fall decor left before my hubby takes over for Christmas! (He doesn't actually take over, but he does decide WHEN the holiday decor goes up because he's nuts about it, LOL!) So after I take down the Candy Corn Bunting , I string this cute and easy Felt Garland along my staircase. It's so simple to make, and adds a nice touch to any area.
{You need}:
leaf pattern(s) to trace
jute twine
thread, scissors, etc.

I cut the leaves out of felt, 2 sides for each leaf, using a pattern I found through Google. (Any leaf pattern will do just fine.) Then I machine sewed them together down the middle, and randomly added 'vein' lines to each one. (There was no rhyme or reason to it...I just went with what I thought looked don't bother with planning out your veins. They probably look better just going willy-nilly anyway!)
After I sewed together all the leaves I needed, then I hand-stitched a long strand of jute twine to the back of each one. I wish I had pics to show you, but I basically estimated about how far apart I wanted my leaves to be in relation to where I knew I would be hanging it. Then I pinned my leaves to the strand of jute twine and took a second look. Once I was happy with the placement, then I put 5-6 stitches in the back of each leaf to secure the twine. I stitched the twine just to the back side of each leaf, so from the front you can't tell how the leaves are attached at all.
That's it! Very, very simple.
Can you disregard the little green man sitting on the stairs?  He must have been in some kind of time out.  :) 
Time for some super cheese...Happy Fall Y'all! (I couldn't resist.)
Take care,

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