Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{If You're Goin'...to San Francisco...}

"...be sure to wear...some flowers in your hair..."
Yep...we're heading there this week and I. CANNOT. WAIT!!

Hubby has been a few times for work, but it will be my first trip out there and I'm giddy.
And with good reason! Not only are we going to a place we've been talking about seeing together for YEARS, but we are also going without the kiddo (as precious as she is), and on our FIRST REAL ACTUAL vacation since she was born 7 years ago. Yes we've had wonderful weekend getaways, but still within a few hours of home.
This will be 4 days of childless bliss! No packing bags for little ones, no one to feed or take to the bathroom except ourselves! Carrying around only what WE need...which, when you think about it, is next to nothing. (Do you remember those days of taking very little wherever you went? You know, no band-aids, water bottles, snacks, etc.? Let alone those days of diaper bags!)
And let me tell you, we will miss her like crazy...this I know. We will be so thrilled to get back to her, but in the meantime we will be partying like rockstars I tell you! :)

I plan to buy BAGS of Ghirardelli trolleys, and eat fresh grilled salmon like they are almost extinct!
The weather looks like rain, rain, rain while we are there, but we will still make the best of it. We'll do it all soaking wet if we have to, but it will be the best time no matter what. Hangin' with my man is still the most fun I could ever have...even after almost 20 years together!

Happy Creating while I'm away!
As always, thanks for stopping by and have fun with your own sig other this week...even if it's a
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