Thursday, January 12, 2012

{'All About Me' Booklets for Dolls}

Santa added a second American Girl doll to our home this year and the fun hasn't stopped. Dare I say that Mom likes all this doll stuff as much as the kiddo does? I hate to admit it, but I get a little pulled in to the tiny realism! My kiddo was wishing out loud for little booklets for each doll to write down their favorite things. Alas, she was writing on PLAIN scrap paper that had no flair at all. What???! So I went to my own scraps (the scraps with flair) and came up with these.
I made these exactly like my Scrappy Quote Chipboard Book , I just changed the size. Again, I used cereal boxes as my chipboard, and adhered scrapbook paper to both sides of that to make the front and back covers.
I created the pages in Word, and printed them on white cardstock.
One likes horses and one is from Hawaii. :)
 I punched the holes with my Crop-a-Dile and bound the books with hemp cord.
These are 5x7 for the overall measurements and my kiddo {loves} them! She wants me to make one for her, but since she's a living, breathing-not-plastic-and-stuffing person, I think she should have the store bought version. :)
If you'd like to make some of these for the 18" dolls in your life, you can download the pages I made here:
I also added one blank page at the end just for drawing or miscellaneous.
Have fun playing!
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