Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Quicky Centerpiece}

I've got 2 minutes set aside to blog, but I wanted to share the pretty, quick, and cheap centerpiece I have on my dining room table.
I {love} antiques, and have had this bowl for several years. I use it for LOTS of things throughout the year, whenever my little brain needs a change. :) This year, I bought cheapo balls on the $1 spot at Target and dropped them in. Love! I like it that it doesn't look planned...and I'm using one of my favorite bowls...and it's easy to move for dinner...and it cost me next to nothing (okay, I'm sure I paid $20 for the bowl MANY years ago, but that's an investment, right?) . Of course it is. It's paid for itself by now.
What I'm throwing out there is that you can put these cheap ornaments in any bowl or basket that you already love and make something totally new out of it. And hey...your kids can mess around with them all they want because they are PLASTIC (don't look it, do they?) and cost $2.50 for a set. So you won't even bat an eye when little fingers approach.
Thanks for stopping by for a quick post.
We're getting so close now to Santa's visit and I.CAN'T. WAIT!
Take care,

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