Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Santa Gift Card Holders}

I adore these!

NOT my original idea, but my tweaks. :)
I found this idea a few years ago, and I honestly believe it was floating around throughout the land of paper crafters at that time. I bought gift cards for my parents this year, and instead of just wrapping them in a box, I thought I would dig out some old ideas and make the presentation just a tad cuter. I tweaked this idea by adding the craft stick base, and by making it a gift card holder instead of a candy cane holder. I believe the original one that I saw was adhered to a candy cane, just as a treat holder.
This project uses mainly the Top Note Die from Stampin' Up (one of my favorite dies and so versatile!), and a few circle punches.  I popped up Santa's mustache with dimensionals.
Here's the back...the gift card holder part:
It's actually not the prettiest on the back (hence the 'Merry Christmas' sentiment I added), but it works for a gift card. I just cut another Top Note and trimmed it to fit before adhering it and adding the gift card. It works, since these weren't originally made to be a gift card holder!
If you'd like the full details, shoot me an email...but if you have the Top Note die I guarantee you can figure out on your own pretty quickly. :)
Ho, ho, ho!

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