Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{My Favorite Apron!!}

I'm oddly so excited about my new apron! I'm a strange one. :) I've been wanting to make an apron for forever. I've looked and looked all over blogland, and although I see lots of cute ones, THE one just never stands out. Look no further for the BEST apron tutorial and pattern...and it's adjustable! 
You can find the easy tutorial over at Yards and Yards . But can get addicted! I plan to make more of these as gifts. Here's how mine turned out:
 I'm so in love with the fabric!
This took me about 2 hours to make, and I made my own bias tape. I used a lightweight denim on the backside, for the strap, and the ruffle at the bottom. I opted out of the pocket because I just personally like it better without.
I wear it whenever I'm cooking now, and no more splatter stains on a cute top!
The tutorial is so easy to follow. I've never made an apron of any kind, and I had no problems with this at all. I hope you'll make one of your own, or for someone special. I'm stylin' now while I'm cookin'!
 Here you can see how it's adjustable on the sides...very much like a pillowcase-style.

I machine stitched the ruffle for the first time, and I'll never go back to doing it by hand!

Now I might go bake something....
Take care,

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