Friday, July 22, 2011

{Travel Printables}

We normally stay right around town during the summer, and take our big family vacations during the school year...but this summer we've had multiple shorter road trips and really been all over.
My daughter just turned 7, and I made up these little take-alongs for all of our car trips. You could laminate them and use as wipe-offs, too!
You can download all of them here:
Scavenger Hunt 2
and for younger ones....   Places & Logos

They are Word docs, so you can change them as you see fit!  Each line on the Scavenger Hunt pages can be marked off with an 'X' or check mark, which reinforces one-to-one correspondence and counting. The Places & Logos sheet can easily be added to with places near you. We used this one a couple of years ago when Natalie was first learning to read. Your kiddo can simply put a big 'X' through each one. These can also be used just while running errands around town if you like...every item is really generic for the most part, but keeps little hands and eyes busy and gets them thinking.

And since I can't have a post with no pic...I'll leave you with this...
From one of our recent road trips to the Grandma's uber-delicious, out-of-this-world chocolate pie tarts. I'll have 10, thank you!

Have a fun trip!

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