Monday, July 18, 2011

{USA Puzzle}

Hi there and we're back! Great visit to the great state of Tennessee. Lots of swimming, nature walks, and visits with Grandma. We're heading North in a few days, for a few days, but I wanted to post this quick map activity we did last week.

SUPER easy puzzle for any maps you want to work on!
We're working on naming and placing the continents, as well as identifying the United States on a map. We're doing other stats like number of states, north-south-east-west, the US flag and what it means, and identifying/naming the President and Vice President.

I found EXCELLENT blank outlines of continents, countries, and states over here
and couldn't stop printing.
I printed one of each continent, as well as the US on white cardstock, then "laminated" them with clear 
 contact paper.
For the US, I then did varied cuts from the bottom to top of the map to create my own puzzle.

We store them in a 5x7 manilla envelope, along with the Hawaii and Alaska. She just has to place them near there real location when she does the puzzle.

We're going to do the continents as well when we return. I made extra copies of each and laminated those, too...just for reference. Once we get back, we'll probably use that copy to outline our own state and locate familiar states (like where Disney World is, or Grandma's house) using a wipe-off marker.
Fun little geography activity that you works on-the-go, too.
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  1. Fun and easy! We are always playing with maps at our house. I am working on a US game printable that I should have ready later this week, you should definitely check it out!

    Coming thru from Little Hands Monday.


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