Monday, July 11, 2011

{Vacation Time & Updates}

Hello to you! Summer is in full swing here, and (sadly) it's also just flying by. I can't believe it's already July! We'll be on vacation next week, hangin' with my wonderful Grandma on the lake, followed by a few days with old friends and a trip to meet my sister's new (and first) baby. I can't wait!! Lots of driving both north and south coming up for us, but it will be worth it. I'm a planner though, so I'm already stressing about the details of these 3 mini-vacations. That's how I roll! So...I'm trying to take it ONE trip at a time and refrain from making massive lists and staging areas for packing around my house. Does anyone else do this?

Until then, we're off for a quick trip to the hometown this weekend. My sweet girl has been working her little booty off at swim lessons the last 2 weeks, and we're looking ahead to one more session at the end of July. She's working on front crawl, backstroke, and elementary backstroke half the length of the pool (Olympic). She's doing sooooo well, but we're still working on building up her endurance. I'm so proud of her! When she's not swimming, she's going down the water slides or off the diving board. She's growing fins I tell you!

And take a look at THESE beauties!
My Cherry Maters are gettin' red! :)
My medium tomatoes are growing, too...
 You'd think I'd never seen a tomato, but I am so oddly excited about growing food for the first time ever. You can download the Growth Chart my kiddo is using to monitor them over here.

When we return from our road trips, I have a side table that desperately needs some paint, and I'm so over this bench in black. I just can't live with it anymore, which will require some stripping (not me...the paint, although my hubby would be thrilled...), which is a first for me. Should be interesting!
So pretty please stop back by in the next couple of weeks, and in the meantime...enjoy your kiddos (if you have 'em), your crafts or DIY, your significant other, and your summer!

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