Monday, July 4, 2011

{Scrapbooking: Writing & Drawing Samples}

Hello all!
Anyone been scrapping lately? I'm wrapping up our book for the school year, as well as plugging away at our Disney book.  For as long as it takes me to finish a scrapbook, I have a rule that the scrapbook for the school year HAS to be finished by the start of the next one. I even shoot to have it done by June, but that doesn't always happen. ;) I have only 1-2 more pages to complete this one, so I'm in good shape. Now if I can just get the one for our last Disney trip finished....(that was 7 months ago BTW). It's over half-done though, so I'm clinging to that!

My kiddo just finished Kindergarten, so the writing samples and projects greatly increased versus Pre-K. I have a file for all the best writing and art, or extra-special things, but I do like to scrapbook even the best-of-the-best of THAT file. (And as a teacher I get so excited to see all that progress!) Always before I've used a whole 12x12 page to showcase each item, which sometimes was several pages. This year I found that there were several journal pages I wanted to highlight, along with some homework, so I changed it up a bit.

Here's one of my finished layouts for this.
I chose 4 of her classroom journal pages, from the beginning of the year to the very end, so we can really see her progress.

Since I'm a super control-freak about saving, saving, saving, I start by scanning into a file on my computer all of the art/writing I want to keep.(Of course that's backed-up again, too...I'm weird like that.) Sometimes I scan and save them as photos, sometimes as documents. It depends on how I want to use them. This time around, I saved them as both, with the intent of using them as 'photos' for this layout. The nice thing about scanning them for your scrapbooks is that you can then re-print them onto acid and lignin-free paper for 
One 5x7 classroom journal page

I then printed them onto white cardstock, as a photo, so I could easily select the 5x7 size. You can also scan, copy, shrink...whatever you want if there's a different size you need. The 5x7 size worked well for this layout and made it easier, my primary reason for saving them as photos. After you print them, continue with your layout to your heart's desire.

For this one, I matted each one with cardstock, leaving room for some handwritten journaling at the bottom. Each writing sample had the date on it already, so I just ordered them that way across the page.
I think I will be doing this more and more in the coming school years, when actual photos from school days become less and less.(Sniff, sniff) But I really like how you can see some real writing progress on only a 2-page layout, and it was easy to do. I can see using multiple 3x5 or 4x6 photo sizes as well.  You could also use this same idea for reprinting and framing art or writing.

Thanks so much dropping by. I'm off to scrapbook our meeting with the Incredibles! :)

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