Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Classroom Halloween Treats}

Well...not really treats I guess.
Won't they be getting enough junk to rot their teeth and minds right around this time of year? :)
So for my daughter's first grade class, we opted for a Halloween pencil instead...and possibly a Halloween fruit roll-up.
I picked up the pencils on the Dollar Spot at Target. I found something similar to this idea years ago, and just made it my own.
It's very simple, but you do need a few tools of the trade. How it comes out though is all up to you!

I cut the base rectangle with a Nestie. I used a slit punch (about $6 and although it's not used often, it's really handy when you do need it!) and put a slit in each short side of the rectangle. These are the slits where the pencil will go.
I hope you you can see them! It's a little tough on the black.
Then I took a favorite old Stampin' Up Halloween set, stamped 20 images, and punched them out with a circle punch. I punched a background for those images with a scallop circle punch. (Are you tired of hearing the word 'punch' at this point?)

Adhere your stamped (or printed) images to the pencil holder rectangle and you're all done.
I know they will get thrown away and crushed, so I didn't add ribbon. I've learned when making papercrafts for kids, it's best to pull back a little so you don't burst into tears when they destroy your pretty project! :)
Just a little classroom 'treat' to pass out at the Harvest Party, and they take very little time to make.
If you have questions, let me know!
(I can't wait until Halloween!!)
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