Thursday, October 27, 2011

{Canvas Trick or Treat Bag}

I've been busy, busy with my preschool class and extra-curriculars with the kiddo, BUT...I squeezed out one more Halloween project to share with you!
Now we have a candy bag that will actually hold ALL the candy, and look cute, too.
I purchased this canvas bag at Joann Fabrics, with a nice 50% off coupon to boot, making it about $3. I really wanted a cream-colored one, but they didn't have one and I needed to get it made for Halloween!
I opted to use felt scraps, just to make it easier and a real no-brainer. I actually pieced together the center yellow because I didn't have one piece big enough.
I thought it made it look a little scrappy, so I went with it!
I basically machine-stitched it on, and added some scrap orange fabric from my candy corn bunting for the bow.

I think it will hold all the candy this year! :)
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