Thursday, March 10, 2011

{CD Cabinet Makeover}

So I've had this unfinished wooden CD cabinet for YEARS. Never disliked the piece, but never loved that it was unfinished. Well I got a 'round to it so-to-speak and it's an old piece made new! (Yes, we still have tons of CD cases...are we the only ones?? Of course the whole library is on my iTunes, but I can't part with the CD's themselves can I??) I guess I'm too old school on that one.

This was my first experience using glaze, too, and I love the results and how easy it was. 
Here's the before:

The knobs were already off at this point. 

I chose Valspar satin "Gentle Moss" green and painted it with 2 coats. Then I sanded the edges for a distressed look. After reading several tips online, I decided to glaze with Valspar's Transparent Color Glaze. I chose Mocha, and although I really like it, I think I might have liked a black or smoky glaze a touch better. Just overall. But I still love how it turned out!
I basically generously wiped it on with a paper towel, then wiped it off or lightened it to my liking. It really softened up the green, which is exactly what I was going for. The knobs were white wood, and I still might replace them, but for now I chose to glaze those as well...just too soften the white some. I'm happy with those, too.  It's hard to see the glaze on them in this picture though.

Here's the after, filled with CD cases again. :)

Nice change, and just spent the $ for the glaze and paint, which I will use for other projects. I made it through my first glazing experience and am smiling from the results, so it's a win. :)
Thanks for stopping by and I'd love to know how you like it!

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  1. Looks GREAT! Refreshing old furniture like that is one of my favorite things to do... a little bit of work, but so inexpensive!


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