Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Scallop Squares...again}

Here are a couple of other creations using my Sizzix Scallop Square die from Stampin' Up. (And no, I'm not a demonstrator, LOL!!  I just love this die!)

This one I came up with to keep all of my daughter's bookmarks handy and in one place. She is kind of getting to the point where she collects them! Easy and cute. I used fabric scraps leftover from her Musketeer Superhero Cape.
 This little project uses 10 squares and 5 small pieces of scrap batting. I have also made these and added handles. I actually might make a few for Easter this year, to sit around my home with treats inside.

The next itty-bitty scallop square project are pin cushions. Talk about quick and cute!

These are made out of 2 scallop squares in the desired fabric (scraps!!), 1 scallop square of felt, and poly-fil. I made several of these one afternoon and passed them out to my sewing friends. :) It's funny how a pin cushion can become cute!
You can see another Scallop Square project here.
I have several other scallop projects to share, so tune in for them in the coming days!

Have a good one!
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  1. Hi I came from Sew Much Ado. I love these ideas, the fabrics you chose are also lovely, I especially like te butterfly one. Have a great day!


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