Saturday, March 5, 2011

{Photo Clothesline}

I've had my fave photos on a very plain corkboard in my craft room for forever, and it would probably still be that way if it weren't for my need for wall space. I recently made a new ribbon organizer and I needed/wanted it on the wall. That meant removing the corkboard, but I couldn't part with my pictures. I had a long narrow section above my embellishment shelf and a stack of clothespins from my teaching days. 
First I had to make the clothespins cute, and whaddya know I had some patterned paper that coordinates with my room. It's getting a little weird. I traced the clothespins onto the paper, cut them out, then made them pretty with the coolest thing ever made....MOD PODGE!!!!!!  I then sanded all the edges. I used jute twine and these cool wooden star nails I found at a primitives shop a couple of years ago.

Here's how it turned out:

Actually it's much better in the room anyway, and I have the space I needed for the drawer-turned-ribbon organizer . I swear if I hung clothes out on a line I would make some cute clothespins to hang, too!
 How do you inspire yourself in your own craft space?
Have a good one,

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