Saturday, March 5, 2011

{Fave Shirt Turned Pillow}

A great way to make a cute tee last...turn it into a pillow!
My daughter occasionally has a tee that she is bummed about growing out of because it has a cute animal picture or applique on it. We salvaged this one ( a $5 tee from Target), and will now use it as a decorative Valentine pillow on her year. :) She's in love with puppies, cats, and horses, so when I told her this shirt had lived its life, she immediately said, "Mommy make a pillow out of it!" We share a brain.
Here's the tee before we cut it apart:

And after...a cute little pillow to add to our Valentine deco box.

Plus it's super snuggly! It will be a nice little surprise when we open our V-Day box next year.
You could do this with any tee that has a cool logo, applique, or pic on it.
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  1. I love cats! I've got a whole bunch at home :D
    You did an awesome job :D
    I'm your new GFC friend and I would like to wish you a great week! I'll definitely be checking more of your projects

  2. Love it! What a fab idea!


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