Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Felt Arctic Playmat}

Okay so we had to add ONE more playmat. I tell you I get addicted! I think it's because when you're using felt you eliminate things like right/wrong sides, and you can twist it pretty much any way you want and it will turn out right. Plus it's inexpensive. Plus you can use your imagination and then make it happen!

So...I mentioned while playing with animals that wouldn't it be nice to have a winter-type landscape to play with the polar bears and penguins? My sweet girl gave me the go-ahead and our minds started churning out ideas. How about a snow hill? Definitely an ocean area. Maybe an igloo? Ice chunks?

Here's how it came out:

These projects are great because it's really up to you how you make them, so they will always be different and unique! I basically roughly gathered a rectangle of white for the "snow hill", then machine stitched it down almost all the way before stuffing it. 
I laid out the blue diagonally, free-handed some wavy sides, and stitched it down. I added a few wavy stitch lines as waves, then rough cut a couple of icebergs and stitched them over top.

For the snow cave, I cut a too-big rectangle and basically just crumpled and gathered it around the sides until I was happy with it. I pinned it in place and machine-stitched that, too. 
I added a second layer of white felt to the bottom to make it heavier. I have done that with my Jungle Playmat also. I made one extra iceberg that I didn't stitch down...but I used a triple layer of felt for that. 
Maybe that piece is just floating, so animals can cross from one side to the next?  :)
I'm very happy with how it turned out, and the ease and low cost of completing these. Again, I wouldn't make one out of felt for baby use because felt just isn't conducive to washing. But for a little bigger child I think they're great...and portable!
Here's one other mat that I made several months ago...but it was really just for fun and not for my own daughter. It's more for little ones, maybe? I gave this one away, but I love the portability of making them flat. 

Thanks for looking at one more playmat. :)
You can see my jungle playmat  HERE and HERE.
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  1. Oh my! These are so cute! My sons would love these. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Shoo, this is terrific!! We have been watching a lot of "Pingu" lately (Do you know this sweet little penguin?) and this mat would be so great to go with our play penguins!!

  3. Hi Deanna!

    I have just linked back to your amazing felt mats in my latest post...

    Hope you will pop by!

    Georgia :)


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