Thursday, March 3, 2011

{American Girl Doll Robe}

I did it! Okay, so there may be parts of the interior that could LOOK better...and if you look REALLY closely you'll see my mistakes...but all in all, it's finished! :)
I decided to wing it on putting in the sleeves and they actually turned out okay. My sweet daughter loves it, and that's really all that matters to me!

I went with fleece because a)I thought it would make a cute robe; b)it was on sale (is that a good reason?); and c)I thought it would be easiest for a first-time-making-any-clothing-or-using-a-pattern momma like me!  :)

When I was cutting them out, I thought it would be easy, but working with small pieces like the loops and collar was kind-of a pain.
I have a set of patterns, but I'm not sure when I'll make another one. I like sewing to be relaxing...not stressful! (ha!)
But for now...I'm patting myself on the back. First pattern, first clothing of any kind, and it's not freakishly crooked or unidentifiable. Kudos to me!
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