Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Burlap Heart Pillows}

I was making a few more little felt heart pillows and a lightbulb went off that I needed something to make them a bit more rustic. Why not toss them into a bowl with BURLAP hearts??! Hello!! I love how they turned out. My home is all about primitives and antiques, so burlap fits right in.

I cut the burlap and some solid red cotton with my standby Nestie hearts (second from the largest I think). Then I stitched them together with red thread, leaving an opening. It actually took more stuffing than I thought, but still not much to fill them. You need a solid color fabric to go between so the stuffing doesn't fall through the burlap.

Then I finished stitching them up and voila! I love how they turned out. When we get our V-Day centerpiece up this week, I'll post a full pic of all of them together. 
I think this could be cute as a framed wall hanging, too. Cut a larger heart with 1 piece of burlap and 1 piece of red or pink cotton, stitch them together, then frame it. Try it and link me up!

Take care!
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