Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little {Love}

          I whipped up these little Valentine Mail Pouches in just a couple of hours thanks to the super easy tutorial here from At Second Street. You need to stop by and check it out because these are ADORABLE! I feel like making one for every kid I know!!

I love ANY holiday since I became a mom, don't you??!  They are way more fun and I find myself going all out for each and every one. I've got a pile of die-cut hearts just waiting  for sweet messages to fill these bags starting Feb.1.
     Besides embellishments, I changed this slightly just by adding snaps instead of buttons. I had them on hand and I haven't learned how to do a buttonhole with my machine yet. I didn't have the time for learning something new today, so the snaps were perfect and I actually like that they are secure but simple to undo from the chairs.  These were sooooo quick and easy (again, thanks to the tutorial here ), that I decided to make one for me and my sweet hubs, too. We'll hang these on the backs of our kitchen chairs come Feb.1. My kiddo will love writing notes for us everyday, and I know she'll love checking hers, too! It will definitely make Valentine's Day just a little more special around our house, and we can pull them out to use year after year.
     Love is in the air... (along with all the snow!)  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh my, I love these. I love the shapes of your hearts and the fabric you used. I've thought about making them for every child I know too, ha ha. thanks so much for sharing them with me.


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