Friday, January 14, 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere

     My first blog post! I have no idea where this will lead. I know where I imagine it will go, so I hope it does! I find that I want a place to record the cool things my daughter and I do together at home, as well as my craft and decorating projects, hence this blog has been started. I'm a bit clueless, but anxious to watch it take shape.  Everything has to have a 'start', so here I go!
     We had two GLORIOUS  school snow days this week so we filled them with fun and learning at the same time, the two favorite things for my teacher brain. I think snow days are the best days of the year - completely spontaneous, no commitments, and totally open to whatever you want them to be!
     We started with pinecone birdfeeders...nothing new, but fun nevertheless. Literally STILL in her nightgown, the kiddo and I made 5 feeders, then threw on our boots and coats to hang them outside. I think everyone has made these, but just in case you haven't you need pinecones, peanut butter, yarn, and birdseed. Just layer your pinecones with peanut butter, roll in see, and wrap a string/yarn around the top to hang outside.  We had some delightful bird watching a few hours later! Then we took some black construction paper and caught snowflakes together on the deck, checking out all the differences and details we could see in them. We put our science minds to work on our second snow day with some Snow Science. First we wrote down our questions about snow: How fast does snow melt? What is snow made of? How long can I hold a handful of snow? We made predictions, then collected snow (stay away from the yellow, ha!) and put a cup or so in three bowls labeled "Counter", "Fridge", and "Freezer". We started the clock and started watching, checking each bowl every few minutes or so. Our "Counter" bowl made it 51 minutes before being completely melted. Our "Freezer" bowl is still there. The kiddo was only able to hold a handful of snow about 15 sec before the cold got to her, so I won that contest! We finished up our snow days by reading out of our "Winter Book Basket". Snow Days are my fave days with my fave kiddo!

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